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game changer

This great read brings awareness to a great need, finding a solution for that need and creating a product that families with special needs children and adults will cherish more than anything. This book highlights the story of Caroline's Cart in an emotional and heartwarming manner! I suggest this book for anyone who believes that children and adults with disabilities have the right to grocery shop with their families and caretakers.


Before I chose this particular anniversary book I carefully reviewed several competitors. I have not been disappointed. The sheer variety of information about the games, players, coaches, and moments, as well as assorted related cultural trivia make this version of the first half-century of Super Bowl the best buy. It is also a nicely produced volume to bring out and peruse during the next fifty years of The Big Game. - shorefun


I had heard about Bones McKinney for years and when I finally met him in 1984, he did not disappoint! He truly was a larger than life character and ended up being a cherished friend. The behind the scenes insights into Bones family and friends really add to the well known stories about Bones' colorful words and actions. This book captures Bones beautifully and is a must read for fans of college basketball and especially Wake Forest fans. I highly recommend Bones McKinney: Basketball's Unforgettable Showman! - Screamin Deacon

the classic

The Classic is a must read for sports fans. You will feel the tournament excitement, a bygone era of sports, and watch the blossoming of the ACC. Bethany transports the reader to the 50's, the stars, the legendary coaches, the controversies and the hoops madness that eventually influenced the ACC and NCAA tournaments. It added to my appreciation for the game we enjoy today. Bethany's talents in organizing the historical accounts make The Classic so easy to read. When you buy this book, you will buy other copies for friends and will enjoy the conversations it naturally creates. - Bill

coaching third

Great book. Inspiring. Witnesses to the presence of a transcendent reality in baseball and in life. A must read for baseball fans and the general public. Traverses the progression of ALS in Coach LeClaire, as his body deteriorates, his mind and spirit emerge victorious. Helps refresh the fundamental characteristics of what makes us truly human and truly great. - Charles Dubois

The big rock

Whether or not you love fishing this book is a must read. Learn about life on the Crystal Coast and the thrill of living, working and fishing on the coast. GREAT read. Prefect summer read at the pool or beach. Bethany is a great writer that makes the stories come alive. You can feel the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation with each page turn. My dad is an avid fisherman. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift! - S Justice


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