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covering all the bases : george whitfield's extraordinary life in baseball

Just about anyone who has played or coached at any level in North Carolina knows George Whitfield, and many have either played baseball on one of his teams, competed against him or been honored by him at his annual hall of fame. George’s legacy includes nine state championships, a dizzying number of statewide and national honors and a web of enduring friendships forged through more than fifty years as a coach, athletic director and advocate for baseball and for individuals who, like him, give their lives away to help young athletes thrive. Orphaned at the age of twelve, George could have been defeated by his troubled childhood but instead has devoted himself to the sport he loves and, more importantly, to the people who know him as “Coach.” As the stories about George and the lives of those he has touched show, there’s no way to measure the impact of a coach driven by love.

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