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game changer : the remarkable story of caroline's cart

Drew Ann Long was a mom of three who had a problem: how to navigate the grocery store with three young children, one of whom was disabled.


Searching in vain for a shopping cart for people with special needs she quickly realized that if she wanted one, she’d have to invent it herself. Thus began a crazy, faith-challenging, and remarkable journey with never a dull moment as Drew, “just a mom from Alabaster, Alabama,” set out to develop a new standard for one of the nation’s largest industries.


Coming up with the idea for Caroline’s Cart - named after her daughter - was just the first step. Before long, Drew was drawn into the worlds of engineering, manufacturing, finance, patent law, and the corporate boardroom. It seemed nothing about this was going to “easy-peasy.”


Game Changer celebrates the can-do spirit and faith that made America great. If you’ve ever used a Caroline’s Cart, or you like tales of determination and perseverance (or just a good story you can’t put down!) you’ll love Game Changer.

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