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bones mckinney : basketball's unforgettable showman

Bones McKinney was truly a larger-than-life character. A basketball star in his own right in high school, college, and the fledgling NBA, McKinney went on to further success as a coach and broadcaster.

Bones helped build a team from a small rural Baptist school into an overachieving national force during his years coaching at Wake Forest.

In the history of basketball there was only one Bones McKinney -- a chain-smoking, Pepsi-swilling Baptist minister who was not averse to using colorful language and sped through life (literally) at 80 miles an hour. A devoted family man to his six kids and his wife of 55 years, McKinney was beloved by teammates, players, and the thousands who watched him on the basketball court or laughed uproariously at hundreds of speaking events.

Bones McKinney: Basketball s Unforgettable Showman is just like the man: fast-paced, fun, insightful, and never dull.

Also available at several North Carolina retailers, or on Amazon

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